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The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.
- Mark Twain

Content Strategy, Creation and Optimization for: 

B2Bs   ・   Professional Services   ・   Marketing Agencies

for Customer Awareness, Promotion, Informative or Direct Response Purposes

Refreshingly Different!


We Start With the 

Power of Knowing

Before starting, on our dime and time, we'll complete a Content Strategy.  

We'll listen to you, prioritize your goals, look at your target audience potential, the threat of the competition, your own or your client’s strengths and market opportunities.

This gives you a big advantage - a content “system” - with a direction, intent, and map as we begin developing a content hub and planning for a mix of content.


We Create With Precision & Purpose

What if your copy:

  1. Gave your audience a reason to need you,

  2. Had an appeal which drew them to your side,

  3. With the motivation to act sooner, rather than later or never?

We don't write content for the sake of having more content.  We write content with purpose and stay on point with precision.


And Optimize KPIs for Your Greatest ROI

Most content agencies will create, you’ll publish, and then everyone hopes for the best.  They then abandon the first piece and quickly move on to your next piece of content with no thought of how will it did.

That's a huge waste of time and money.

We learn from ongoing performance; we split-test where we can, monitor KPIs and constantly ramp up effectiveness.  This builds a greater ROI without wasting past work and monies.


See the Proof-Positive BIG Book of our Secret Sauce recipes- the culmination of 25 years of testing and experience.
This is how you make Content Marketing work!


There are benefits to outsourcing your content to The Written Sale.

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Avoid the #1 failure in content marketing - the lack of consistency:

  • Consistent production.

  • Consistent brand voice.

  • Consistent ramping up of your ROI.

Best Practices:

For the same reasons you do what you do we concentrate only on content:  Each has and requires their own set of skills. 


On- and off-line collateral - all ready to print or post - we have the deep bench of talent that can bring it all to your table to put your message where it needs to be. 


Outsourcing content frees you up to do what you do best - everything else - without distraction.


A fresh set of eyes brings a fresh approach and fresh ideas.


In the long run, expenses go down because you’re not hiring in-house, and profits escalate faster due to uninterrupted consistency.


"We never have to worry or wonder about your efforts.  They're always spot on."

- Military Electronic Systems

"We knew something was wrong and we were wasting money with our old marketing efforts, but we couldn't pinpoint what the problem was.  You immediately found the problem, cut our costs and raised our conversions - we couldn't ask for more than that!" - Equipment Manufacturer

"You get us.  You understand our value - why we're different - and the strategy you developed for us makes absolute sense.  I'm glad we found you."  - Telecom CEO

"A 50% open rate and a 25% conversion rate from hard to reach C-suites - I didn't think that was possible but you thought outside the box and made it happen.  Everything from strategy to delivery was spectacular."

- Financial Services

Clients Turn Into Fans Who Turn Into Friends

We never would have guessed we'd actually have to pause our marketing because things went too well.  Having too many new clients to onboard is a nice problem to have!

- SaaS Developer

You did what you said you'd do and over-delivered every time...so refreshing.

- Self Defense Products

"Great strategy - I really like how this is going."

- Insurance Company CEO


For over twenty-five years we've worked with every imaginable business in every industry, from tabletop enterprises to the Fortune 1000, around the globe.

​Now it's your turn.

Take out the angst out of content marketing!  Get Content:

  • With thought - not fluff.

  • That tracks and ratchets up your ROI.

  • Within a purpose-driven strategy.

Enjoy Content Done.

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We’ll get to know your dreams and desires for content -

        What you hope to accomplish.

        What lead you to where you are today.

        Where you want to go.

And you’ll be able to ask us questions.


Then, at no obligation, we’ll complete your sample single piece or a Content Marketing Strategy and schedule a time to get back together.

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