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Success-Driven Copy, Content Marketing

and Lead Generation

with Immediate Results.

Scroll.  This is refreshingly different,

and your day just got infinitely better.



Waiting for Online Leads or Sales?


I don’t know how many entrepreneurs and businesses we’ve worked with over the last 25+ years.  We do know every single one wanted sales or leads without endless waiting.


It doesn't matter what you’re selling, providing or what industry you’re in.  There is a way to have online sales or capture qualified leads very quickly, without:

  • Chasing "likes" and "retweets" - things that don't pay the bills.

  • Trying to out-maneuver Google and big-name competition for SEO - a losing game.

  • Continually writing blogs - which have the highest bounce rate on your website.

We've proven it over and over again.


After you see sales and leads you can work on SEO, social media and blogging if you want, but our end goal is something more tangible - like sales. 


If you'd like results instead of delays, we should talk.  Let us share with you how it's done.

- The Written Sale




Let's see how quickly you can see results.

Formalized copywriting started 100 years before the internet.  Its sole purpose was to sell products and services quickly.  Today we're told, "Results take time."


What village idiot decided we should settle for that?

Tired of Waiting? 

Not attracting the traffic, finding the qualified leads or seeing the sales you expected?
Let's fix that.
Our work

Two Ways to Begin


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Book Your Free Consultation Now

Pick a time convenient for you.  We'll email you a confirmation, and then during our online meeting you'll get the 411 on how to get the results you want - now!



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Producing endless content is not a strategy.  You don't need endless content; you only need the right content; that which appears in the right place and time and leads your buyers to a positive, defined outcome. 

To do it right takes a strategy that eliminates guesswork and delivers

the known.

Blogs, Ebooks, White Papers, Web Copy,

Sales Copy, Leave Behinds, Email Strings, Brochures, Landing Pages;  we write it all.

But after 25 years of doing and seeing it all, we know how to make your copy perform.

We'll help you figure out what you do need, and what you get will be absolutely amazing. 

Marketing's job is to open the door for sales to happen.  Period.  Content's job is to inform the buyers so they can make a favorable decision.  Put the two together correctly and your lead gen funnel doesn't have to take mountains of time or bottomless checkbooks to see results.

And they will be results you can actually measure and constantly improve upon.


You have a website.  But is it a sales machine?

Don't Wait.  Duplicate Content Marketing Success. 


"Everyone loves you!" - Marketing Company CEO 


"I really like how this is going, Carl." - Insurance Company CEO

"Thanks for taking the time to understand my needs and audience." - Retailer

Exactly what I wanted...this is good!"

- Medical Device Manufacturer 


"Wow, this is really nailed it!"

- Military Electronic Systems 

"Loved the content!  More will be coming your way soon for upcoming campaigns!" 

- Transportation Company

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