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20 Years Brings More to Your Table

I've been a copy writer for 20 years.  I started before the internet was ready to change the world and before many businesses could dream of going beyond national borders. Online ordering?  It was just waking up.  
Over 20 years things have changed drastically in the way we get our message to the masses, but the constant has always been the need for great copy based on research and strategy.  It should have an immediate goal of short term gain with an eye towards long term market dominance.
So while I could give you examples of blogs, case studies, email chains or white papers for just about any industry or niche (and I've written for them all) it's probably more important that you see what 20 years of experience has taught I think, what I believe, the power of knowledge I bring to your project.
Good copy takes thought...not fluff.  That hasn't changed in 20 years.
Click on the image.  See what 20 years of experience brings to your table.