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Your online B2B
lead generation:

Feel like you'll never get where you want to be?

The "experts" say you can quickly...

  • "Find qualified sales leads with social media!"

  • "Let SEO lead your leads to you!"

  • "Blog for better lead gen!"

Want to know something?

It's Bull!

And all this time you thought you were alone...

  • Traffic barely creeping in despite hard work and determination;

  • Rarely finding qualified sales leads;

  • Not seeing the online results the gurus promised...




No - you're not alone.  Those things never work quickly when all you want are B2B leads.

There...someone finally set
the record straight about
lead gen.

Take a deep breath.  Relax, and let's fix your lead gen frustrations.


Start with what you want to sell more of.  Anything else will just make your life more miserable.

Study the competition and position yourself one better.

Create a “can’t live without” thought piece that solves a problem for your audience - and naturally leads them by the hand to take up your call to action.

Devise a landing page with compelling reasons for visitors to commit and submit.

Split test and monitor everything to drive up conversions and cut customer acquisition costs.  

Know who comes to your page, even if they don't convert, so you can retarget with the right messages.

Develop promotion that expects action across the right channels at the right times for the right people.

Let hard-core analytics tell you where to place promotion and monitor progress. 

Anything else you do or any other tool you use just slows down the process and

stands in the way of you finding qualified B2B leads.


"So, why doesn't everyone keep it this simple?" 

Because simple isn't sexy.  It doesn't sell long marketing contracts, complicated platforms or expensive advice.

But simple simply works.



Book an Online Strategy Session

You could be less than 3 weeks away from a

  • Professional,

  • Exclusive,

  • Inexpensive... presence that quickly delivers fresh, qualified B2B leads and faster sales.


  1. Click the button.

  2. Choose your date and time. 

  3. Imagine all those leads.

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