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The insider's secrets behind successful

Content Marketing

"Years of experience have proven it:  
The most commonly developed content should
likely be used last.  Are you making this mistake?"
Inc. lists 10 benefits of blogging:
  1. More on-site content.
  2. Higher visibility in search engines.
  3. Higher domain authority.
  4. More referral traffic.
  5. More social traffic.
  6. Increased conversion potential.
  7. Improved brand reputation.
  8. Tighter customer relationships.
  9. Good for any business or industry.
  10. Decreased marketing costs and compounding value.
All of that may be true, but... be successful, consider first that results require three things...

Blogging in a quest to achieve most of the things on Inc.'s list is a luxury.  Don't you want something more sales?  Instead, bring a clear intent to your website first. Define your goals, then make sure each piece of content connects the dots between what you say and what you want to happen next.
Blogging can position you as a thought leader or highlight your competitive advantage, but it does not bring most of the things on Inc.'s list overnight.  
 Long term goals and commitment will be easier to swallow when you see the rest of your content can first bring immediate results.
  Audience frustration and sales opportunities are lost when your website bounces haphazardly from one topic to another, or is spread too thin over too many elements.    There needs to be a complete, compelling message developed first, and then a logical order to your other content pieces.
First and foremost, your overall web content should have a clearly defined goal that benefits your sales immediately, a logical flow which gets the job done with commitment to the right intent and order.
So to achieve your goals, what should you be doing? 
Want to know the big secret to success with content marketing?  Blogging is fine if you have covered all of your other bases, but it is probably the last thing you should be doing.  Look at your own analytics.  You'll likely see that your blog posts have the highest bounce rate on your website.  If you want anything more than "eyeballs" and "views", or if you want to see any immediate results, there are other, more important elements to plan for and develop first.
Your Content Marketing Checklist
Do you have a complete sales message your audience can easily find which:
  • Tells the entire story of your product or service without the need for multiple pages,​
  • Describing all of the features and benefits of working with you,
  • Which summarizes the "pain" your audience may be feeling for which they need your solution?
  • Has an immediate call to action, even when selling a complicated or high end product or service?
​For faster results, cover these things first - then blog for the longer term benefits on Inc's list.
Lets spend time
together to talk about your goals and what is actually needed to achieve them!

Let me check my schedule with your suggested times and I'll shoot you an email. I'm looking forward to talking to you!

With well developed content, proactive intent and order you can enjoy more than just "visits" and "bounces".  


What's your goal for content marketing?  Shouldn't it be to enhance your unique selling proposition, finding qualified buyers and quicker sales?  If it is, ditch blogging for a later date.  Build sales enhancing content first.

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