Is Your Content Half-Brained?

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Does your copy mentally satisfy your buying audience?  Does it:

  • Present the facts, and

  • Stir the soul?

If it doesn't it's half-brained - only triggering one side of your target audiences' brain.  Your prospect needs both fact and feeling to make a decision. 


See what we mean, and see how to help your copy sell more!



Readers treat your content like it’s diarrhea through a short Swede…

...making the page it’s written on is about as memorable as toilet paper.



Here’s why.

B2B Marketing:  Is it going to suck to be us?


Ripped from Today's Headlines:

  • Google Analytics Declared Illegal

  • The Death of the Third Party Cookie

  • Digital Marketing and Data Privacy:  Are You Ready?

The speed with which things are changing, tightening and becoming more restrictive is picking up speed, like a snowball rolling downhill.  But the size of our snowball - i.e. our options - is shrinking.  It's as if we're rolling downhill into the fires of hell.


With all that is changing , what is going to happen to the way we do online marketing?  Is it going to suck to be us?  Find out.

6 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself to Evaluate Your
Content Marketing ROI


Are you satisfied with how your content marketing is performing? Are you getting the results you want? Do you even know if it is positively performing and helping your cause? If not, it might be time to evaluate your strategy.


Here are six critical questions to ask yourself to help you gauge the effectiveness of your current content marketing plan. 

Check them out.

Take Marketing Out of the Box

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Almost any business runs the risk of developing “boxes”; departments and people who rightfully become experts in their own duties.​

But, either because of self-preservation or a for a lack of opportunity to cross barriers, boxed people tend to keep what they know to themselves.  Many times that is to the detriment of the business. Here’s an insane case in point.

Loving on Your Prospects:  Why Your Content Strategy Should be Like Dating


Finding prospects and turning them into customers or clients is a lot like dating.  First comes a bit of attraction; getting to know each other and obtaining a "yes" to "Can I call you again?" 

Then it's getting to know each other on a deeper level: 

  • Do you think about and stay in touch with each other often?

  • Is there perhaps a bit of desire burning under the surface?

  • Are you to the point of dating each other exclusively?

And, ultimately, could you see yourself with this partner forever?

Let's Find Out

What causes content marketing to crash and burn?


Millions of marketers, business owners and content creators post 6 million blogs per day.  That doesn’t include all of the podcasts, videos and ebooks that are thrown up on the web for all of us to enjoy, digest or expand our minds with.


So content marketing must work, right?  It must be the internet’s gift to all of us who are trying to sell our services and products.  

Not so fast.  Here's 5 reasons your content marketing could fail.

Why Content Marketing Fails:  5 Reasons Why Doom is Inevitable


We've all been there:  We pick a date on a calendar and proclaim that our long-awaited content marketing will begin.  But within a few days or weeks, with a handful of articles, our best of intentions run out of steam.


If you really want to add some fortitude to your efforts, with a 6 month road map of topics that are quick to write, plus do it all with best practice style and flair, hang on, here we go. This is your all-in guide to content marketing success in four steps!

Get to the YES!  How to Help Them Push the Buy Button


Just get to the “yes” -




Just get to the yes.  That’s the goal of a lot of content - and it’s owners:  To get the reader to pull the proverbial trigger and say, “Yes.”

Here's the type of copy designed to get your reader to the "yes" more than any other!

How to Bust Out a Content Map to Make Your Content Marketing Easier


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