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Is Your Content Half-Brained?

Does your copy mentally satisfy your buying audience?  Does it:

  • Present the facts, and

  • Stir the soul?

If it doesn't it's half-brained - only triggering one side of your target audiences' brain.  Your prospect needs both fact and feeling to make a decision. 


See what I mean, and see how to help your copy sell more!



Readers treat your content like it’s diarrhea through a short Swede…

...making the page it’s written on is about as memorable as toilet paper.



Here’s why.

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Take Marketing Out of the Box

Almost any business runs the risk of developing “boxes”; departments and people who rightfully become experts in their own duties.​

But, either because of self-preservation or a for a lack of opportunity to cross barriers, boxed people tend to keep what they know to themselves.  Many times that is to the detriment of the business. Here’s an insane case in point.