The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.
- Mark Twain






Content Marketing Needs a Strategy;

A Purpose That Drives Action

What if your content had a higher purpose?

What if your copy:

  1. Gave your audience a reason to need you,

  2. Had an appeal which drew them to your side,

  3. With the motivation to act sooner, rather than later or never?

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What if your

content actually

got people to do something?

We don't write content for the sake of having more content.  All of your copy can contribute to your business goals with a content marketing strategy.  We believe copy should be:

  • Developed within a purpose which outlines the desired outcome.

  • Written with a purpose, leading the reader to do what's desired.

  • Measured against that purpose with split-testing for optimized outcomes.

Developing purpose-driven content is what I bring to your table.

Good Copywriting Brings Specific Skills to Enhance the ROI of the B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing From the Trenches

I didn't start my professional career in content marketing.  I didn't fall into being a copywriter, unlike so many others who wake up one day and think they can write.  It became a necessity from the trenches of my own B2B.


Before the internet took off and the global economy was a thing, I and others in my own B2B made cold calls for sales leads - and everyone hated it.  We also tried mailing out the fliers supplied by large corporations we sold for - and they failed miserably.


So, I decided to study the great copywriters:

  • Ogilvy - who developed a hearty appetite for the VW Bug in America with a single newspaper ad and two words.

  • Byrd - who crystallized the reasons, format, and psychology behind action-oriented content.
  • Kennedy - the crass, "take no prisoners and make no excuses" performer in sales copy.


I combined their inspirations and put their practices to work for my own company - and we never made a cold call again.


We started winning sales awards.  The big corporations sat up and took notice.  My corporate clients wanted to know if I could do the same for them.  The rest, as they say, is history.


Since that time I've seen everything, tested all of the latest silver bullets, and only kept what works.


From the trenches to your success:  I wouldn't recommend or do anything less.

- Carl Olson

Content Marketing Best Practice:

Do the Most Important First

Articles, Emails, Sales Copy, White Papers, Blogs, Case Studies, Web Pages, Landing Pages -

Do you need all of that content?


This may sound strange coming from a copywriter, but you probably don't need it all.  There is a logical order to content marketing:

Write first to achieve your immediate goal, then write to bolster your position.

We can write it all, but we rarely recommend it all.  Let's build a strategic plan based on your desired outcomes first.  That will tell us what copy you need.

And what you get, in terms of copy and results, will be absolutely amazing.

With experience in every market and industry from around the globe, with the expectation content should deliver results while keeping your brand voice cohesive and clear, let me provide:


  • A competitive analysis so we can position you with greater value than your adversaries;


  • A content marketing strategy to achieve your goals;


  • A content map so you know where you're going and what to expect.

"Carl is someone I admire and respect greatly.  Having owned several successful businesses, he is a master at strategic planning and thought leadership."

Marketing Company CEO

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Each applicable piece of content will include:

  • Keyword research for appropriate contextual insertion; a meta description, meta tags and alt tags.

  • Fully formatted copy for readership flow with:

    • Headlines and sub-heads.

    • Calls to Action.

    • Sources cited with links, and internal site links.

    • Royalty free images.

  • And if you share with me your analytics, I'll work with you to optimize your results with split-testing.

Content Marketing Services That Provides

More Than Just Words on a Page

So, let's talk about your content marketing and copywriting needs.

Let's have an online meeting!

- for content marketing & copy that is more than just words on a page.

Whether you're thinking one piece or many, let's talk about your content needs. 


Then we'll do the research, cite the source, add the images and pull out all the stops to masterfully write what you need.

"Loved the content!  More will be coming your way soon for upcoming campaigns!" 

- Transportation Company

​We'll also provide you an invaluable:

  1. Competitive analysis, including the marketing methods, content and hard numbers showing how your competitors are doing - and what not to do!

  2. A content marketing strategy.

  3. Pricing and recommendations on where to start for content marketing success.

So just...

Hit the button and schedule a time to meet online.


No one has ever been sorry they took the time to have this meeting!