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Are you wondering if this stuff works?  Read this!

“See that...see that!”


My wife couldn't understand why the commercial on TV got me so excited.


“I wrote that!”


“You mean the commercial?”


“Yeah!...Well sort of.”  And then I told her the story.


Eight or nine years ago the founder of a startup in New York wanted me to write his sales funnel.  I used basically the same format we've been talking about:

  • Landing Page

  • Long Form Sales Page (video was just starting to take off and long sales pages were still more the norm at that time.)

  • Offer

  • Next Step


Since that time the startup has gone on to be wildly successful, has been sold, and even after 8 or 9 years the current owners were still using my concepts – except they turned the landing page into a TV commercial!


Does this stuff work?


You bet it does, and it has stood the test of time while all sorts of shiny silver bullets “you must use” have come out and permeated the marketing world.


Need another example?

A couple of years ago I had been working with one of those specialty online course providers...the kind that gets big bucks for courses for a wide range of industries.  Their new course was to be for textbooks, DVDs and ancillary software needed for students of a particular industry.

Same format: We came up with the landing page, a long video and a application process with a time sensitive offer.  They were happy; I was happy with the outcome...and off they went to promote it.

I hadn't talked with my contacts there in about 6 weeks so I called them up one day.  “How's the campaign going?”


“We had to shut it down.”  There was silence on their end.


“What?  Why?”  I was anticipating the worst.


“It was too successful.  Printers and fulfillment (they were using a small, on-demand company - never anticipating large volumes) couldn't keep up with the orders and shipping!  We're switching everything in the course to online content so we don't have to worry about fulfillment.”  (BTW - they left the price the same and it didn't affect sales at all.)  


That's a nice problem to have.

Finally, a SME industrial manufacturer couldn't get past “go”.  

For marketing purposes, if you have a multiitude of skus it's usually better to bundle like products for like applications and and industries and make the bigger sale!

They had been through several marketers, tried going after any customers who could possibly use something from their mountain of sku's, and nothing seemed to work.

I suggested we bundle several products that went together and go after one market. Collateral was prepared with videos and downloads.  (We didn't use a landing page.)  We repeated the process for several of their “bundled” products, showed the world how it worked one industry and bundle at a time, and...

...despite the fact they had huge competition, sales took off in the US.  Then a few months later a large distributing group from South America saw the material and approached them about taking their products to Central and South America. Last I knew they were looking at entering China as well.

So just in case you were wondering...yeah, this works for just about any industry or service.  It works fast, it requires less work, is cost effective and has the potential to return more sales than projected. 

Thought you might like to know.


Carl Olson

P.S.  I'm not giving you examples of past success to toot my own horn.  I'm hoping they will...

  1. Help you see the various industries and applications I've helped develop the Fast Funnel Sales Channel with, so that you understand this method has broad utilization and appeal...and that it can work for you as well.

  2. Give you some ideas regarding how a current product or service might be re-worked for a greater audience appeal.

  3. Give you the confidence to move forward - finally with something that works!

And just as a reminder...there is only 1 day left to book your free online conference.  Get a review of your marketing and sales channel progress, helpful insights and next steps.  We'll cover a lot of ground...and it's all free. But you are the one who has to hit the button!  (Unless you have already, of course.  In that case I'm looking forward to chatting!)

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