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Last Call...and it's on me!

Ok,'s time to cut to the chase.

We've seen how the Fast Funnel Sales Channel can let you escape the mundane life of:

  • Endless content marketing

  • Impossible-to-chase SEO

  • Social media as a mythical methodology

...and how it can provide predictable sales and returns, almost on autopilot, without the never-ending work.

We've also seen how you can set up a sales funnel and...
  1. Immediately begin capturing traffic with PPC,
  2. Ramp up and fine tune your performance with KPI's,
  3. And not only know where your next sale is coming from, but be assured your prospects will be highly engaged - which should give you an uptick in your closing ratios.
But as promised, this is the last email you'll see from me.  At this point you have two choices:
  • Keep doing what you've always done and get the same results, or,
  • Try a different, proven marketing and sales funnel with mentorship along the way that will give your business more sales.
Don't fool yourself into believing that by continuing down the same path you're on the heavens are suddenly going to open up and the sales gods will suddenly pick you to shine upon.  With 20 years under my belt for all sorts of products, services and industries I've rarely seen it happen with content marketing, SEO or social media. 

In just the last few days I saw a string of  articles from one of the worlds most well known marketing gurus who wrote on what to do if your blogs aren't getting any traffic.  


He outlined 6 or 8 steps, any one of which would have taken a full time person a week to enact (like you have nothing else to do)...and that was just on getting traffic to your blogs!  It had nothing to do with a sales funnel...ugh!  Now he has gone on to give the world an even longer list just for SEO...double ugh!


If anyone in their right mind would have been thinking, by the end of the first few articles they should have been asking, “Isn't there a better way?”

Really?  Oh come on...
No Way!

Yes, there is.

If you're not satisfied with your marketing efforts versus the amount of sales you're getting, don't you think you should at least give a look at something different?


And if you're one of those who is thinking this sales funnel is too easy...too good to be true...or too simple for today's market, let me point out one thing:  

While this sales funnel takes a lot less work, this method does have a time-honored process which builds in success. That's exactly why I've given you the first installment of the  Fast Funnel Workbook and walked you through the initial steps in this past week's you could see the details and set yourself up for prosperity as you begin.
It's simple:  If you want more sales with less work, if you want to be able to promote any high ticket service or product with the ability to know the outcome before you start, this Fast Funnel method is for you.  

But there are a ton of details to cover that can greatly enhance your efforts.  We've only just begun.  We haven't yet talked about:

  • The landing page and various elements for engagement,

  • The pieces you'll need to include in your informational video or webinar recording,

  • The download, it's time sensitive offer or how to construct a task oriented project,

  • The right and wrong way to do PPC or promoted posts so you don't break the bank.

Each step needs careful consideration.  It moves quickly...but it has to be done correctly.

That's why I'm offering you, for one last time, the chance to book a time with me personally to discuss your project and get you off to a correct, fast start.

The structure of this method is simple and fast (meaning a lot less work for you),
but the process is very detailed (assuring greater success if the steps are followed).


Last call – book your free time now.  Build a bridge and get over whatever it is you're currently doing to promote your business – that obviously isn't working - and make the choice to make sales happen.

Here's hoping you take me up on last call!

Carl Olson

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