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If there is something you're working on, talk to me.  Even if it's not displayed here I bet I have experience in your niche having written extensively for:
  • B2B Products or Services
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance and Financial Services
  • Technology, SaaS, MSPs
  • Construction
  • Professional Services and Consulting
  • High End B2C Products
  • Info Products and Courses
  • Affiliate Sales Pages
  • Investing
  • Travel
All of my blogs come ready to post, with internal links to other pages on your website, source citations and external links when needed, and images with alt tags.  If you want to see something specific to what you need, just let me know.  I'll be glad to write a short blog for you on spec. 
...all types of collateral; blogs, case studies, sales collateral, presentations, white papers and web copy for any purpose.
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Your Value Proposition

Blogging Rules to Win By:

  1. Only 1 or 2 in 10 should be about the sale.

  2. To rank on Google, blogs should be >1250 words.

  3. Help readers "skim and dig deeper" by adding sub-heads and images that are relevant.

  4. Include links to important pages.

  5. If you want conversation, ask for it.

  6. Blog only as a last resort when all other sales initiatives are in place.

Guides, White Papers, Case Studies, TDSs

I'll Guarantee...

  1. Most guides and white papers spend eternity gathering dust on an electronic bookshelf...never to see the light of day by your audience.

  2. They are written for the wrong purpose.

  3. If they ever are downloaded, most businesses are missing a golden moment and opportunity.


  • Your product or service is complicated enough that it needs a guide or white paper...

  • A visitor is on your page which is compelling enough to get a download... 

...make the guide or white paper work for you.  Make it provide you with the information you need to qualify the prospect, and...

...use it as an opportunity to have them begging to work with or buy from you!

I can show you how.

Brochures, One-Page Slicks
Web Copy, Online Sales Pages

Your website should be more than an online business card!

Does it lead the visitor by the hand to where and what you want them to do?

Does it just assume the world will use your CONTACT page?

If I were to look at your website and those of your competitors, could I tell them apart?  Could I easily know which one I should choose to do business with?

TIP:  A website often suffers from "website sprawl".  Much like urban sprawl, websites get added on to over time for a specific need or reason, but little attention is paid to what is already there and where traffic flow is going.


The result is broken links, confusing messages and hard-to-find information.  Conduct an audit of your website.  Is it fresh?  Is it cohesive?  Does it still present you in the best light possible?  It's likely time to pull things together, clean house and make your site more compelling.

Email Campaigns
Email doesn't work in a vacuum.  It must be accompanied by a really good landing page with compelling reasons to either:
  • Give an email address, or
  • Directly ask for the sale.
Email is part of a larger marketing strategy that can be extremely effective.
Why do my emails typically deliver 3X's the industry average?  Click on the page image below to find out!
  • Consistently send multiple emails over time to the same landing page.  You don't need to re-invent the wheel with every email blast - just make it better.
  • Track emails religiously so you can  optimize results by split-testing:
    • Headlines
    • Subjects and Messages
    • Click-Through Links and Calls to Action
Anatomy of an Email.PNG
Ok, I'm convinced - Show me how to get it done!