Your online traffic, leads and sales:

Feel like you'll never get where you want to be?

The marketing "experts" will tell you...

  • "Find qualified sales leads with social media!"

  • "Rise to the top with SEO!"

  • "Blog your way to sales!"

To that I say...


And all this time you thought you were alone...

  • Traffic barely creeping in despite hard work and determination;

  • Rarely finding qualified sales leads;

  • Not seeing the online sales results the gurus promised...

No - you're not alone.

there...someone finally said it out loud.


How will you constantly out-maneuver Google when you don't know what's coming next; and how will you ever out-rank the big competitor with name recognition, big budgets and time to wait you out of existence?



How much time are you willing to burn building "likes", "fans" and "followers" (when posts have a shelf-life shorter than the Kentucky Derby) and then drive a measly few to your website and entice them to buy - before your will to continue dies?

endless blogging

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life counting on someone behind a keyboard to create tons of blogs that bore you to tears and suck the sparkle out of your products or service - while blogs have the highest bounce rate of any content on your website?


Wouldn't you rather just like to find leads and make sales...


Take a deep breath.  Relax, and for now forget about tactics like...

Your business is about making money, not wasting time.  

Here's the faster way... 

43224933_s (2).jpg

- asking the right questions, taking time to understand you and your audience, doing the market research, all to position you one better than your competition so you are the obvious "go-to", and developing a strategy for...



- presenting an engaging, actionable message that has clients or customers APPLYING to work with you; presenting it to the right audience at the right time with the right tactics, and showing the prospect logical next steps, so you can almost demand a "Yes!" 

- measuring everything with Key Performance Indicators to know your ROI, split-testing and building on success so you aren't constantly reinventing the wheel or chasing "silver bullets", until relative perfection is achieved so your campaign can ultimately almost run on autopilot.

Perfection quickly get the results you want.


"So, Carl, why doesn't everyone use just 3 simple steps?" 

Because "simple" isn't sexy.  It doesn't sell long marketing contracts, complicated platforms or expensive advice.

But simple simply works.

If you want your online presence to provide more qualified prospects and a quicker road to sales:


  • Without the tedious tactics,

  • Without the endless wait,

  • Using just 3 proven steps,


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