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Story Lessons

Off-beat stories with important lessons.

Play 20 Questions,
Sell More Stuff!

Play along and you'll learn how to sell a lot more with simple questions!

The 800# Gorrilla in the Room Almost Everyone Ignores.

If you ignore the gorrilla you'll be eaten alive by the competition.  Here's a true story, the consequences and how to immediately eat 96% of your competition for lunch.

Bad News...and how to avoid getting it.

The owners were desperate...but there was nothing we could do.  It was their own fault.  The business was past the point of saving.

Imagine being the one to deliver, or receive, this bad news - and how to avoid it altogether.

A Lesson from Gertrude:
How to Make Sure You're Getting from Here to There

How do you know the direction you're taking is getting you to where you want to be?  Are you using your "GPS"?

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