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  • Born from a customized strategy,

  • Positioned to run over your competition,

  • Designed to minimize your budget and maximize your ROI.

In the streets of B2B you don't win with cookie-cutter solutions, long engagements or wasted resources.  You win with ingenuity and execution designed for your unique goals and needs.  You cross the street of Success faster with a partner that cares about your wins as much as you do.


From sales leads to a full marketing reboot or something in between, The Written Sale will look at where you are, listen to where you want to be and deliver the strategy and execution you need to get to the other side. 

Lead Generation

The lead generation campaign where your one goal becomes our passion:  More qualified leads you can close.

We give you more than just names on a list.

  • Lead generation campaigns engineered exclusively for your business...

  • To your definition of "qualified"...

  • Delivering prospects who are waiting - even APPLYING - for you to contact them.

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No matter where you are, we can

get you to where you want to be.

Geared to move you toward market domination.

  • Laser focused messaging with...

  • The ability to make you the go-to solution...

  • Promoted until you're the household name within your target audience and feared by your competitors.

Bringing Your Optimal Results for B2B and Professional Service Lead Generation: The Written Sale Advantage

When working with us, your advantage and success lies in our 25 years of experience while we developed our core competencies.  We understand how to present your value and drive your buyers with the expectation of achieving the written sale.

  • Strategy:  Developing a clear battle plan; taking the time to understand your product or service, competition and audience so we can position you as the obvious solution; knowing the difference between what you need to get the job done and fluff that is a waste of money and time. 


  • Execution:  Being able to quickly demonstrate your value and competitive advantage from concept to presentation and through to promotion; causing your target audience to act sooner rather than later; putting things together simultaneously so you don't have to wait for results, while keeping your brand voice consistent and compelling.​

  • Measurement:  Measuring your results and split-testing campaign elements in an effort to always be ramping up your conversions without having to reinvent the strategy or make excuses for poor results; saving time and expense while giving you a greater return on investment.

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The result?

You get to realize your definition of "more" - more qualified sales leads - more revenue - more people working - more good things for your community.

And we get to watch your business grow, gain new friends and maintain another long-term client.

Clients Turn Into Fans Who Turn Into Friends

"You get us.  You understand our value - why we're different - and the strategy you developed for us makes absolute sense.  I'm glad we found you."

- Telecom CEO

You did what you said you'd do and over-delivered every refreshing.

            - Self Defense Products

Exactly what I wanted...this is good!"

- Medical Device Manufacturer

We never would have guessed we'd actually have to pause our marketing because things went too well.  Having too many new clients to onboard is a nice problem to have!

SaaS Developer

 "We never have to worry or wonder about your efforts.  They're always spot on."

- Military Electronic Systems

"Great strategy - I really like how this is going."

- Insurance Company CEO

"A 50% open rate and a 25% conversion rate from hard to reach C-suites - I didn't think that was possible but you thought outside the box and made it happen.  Everything from strategy to delivery was spectacular."

- Financial Services

"We knew something was wrong and we were wasting money with our old marketing efforts, but we couldn't pinpoint what the problem was.  You immediately found the problem, cut our costs and raised our conversions - we couldn't ask for more than that!"

- Equipment Manufacturer

Enough about us...

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The Written Sale delivers solutions and sales leads.  Isn't it time to move forward?

Ready for Sales Leads From Strategic Lead Generation?


We're ready if you are!

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In the first one we"ll cover:

  • Your immediate needs, your greatest wishes,

  • Your business -  it's products or services,

  • Your competition... we can determine your direction, learn about you and position you in the top percentile of your industry.

For the second, give us a week - we'll come back with a plan, pricing - and more than a few surprises - on how we will get you to where you want to be.


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