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The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.
- Mark Twain





Articles, Emails, Offline and Online Sales Copy, White Papers, Blogs, Case Studies, Web Pages, Landing Pages, Brochures

Your copy is written by a 25-year copy writing and marketing veteran agency, born from the tough streets of our founder's own brick and mortar...

  • We will not deliver a word until it's the right word, chosen purposefully for your audience through target market and competitive research.

  • With experience in every market and industry from around the globe:


  • Who not only expects results from your audience...but gets them!

Want to see?

You may be looking for only one piece of copy, but that one piece still has a job to do - to win the mind of your audience.  To do that job right each piece needs to consider 3 things:


What do you want your copy to do?

  • What should it communicate?

  • What should it cause your audience to do?

  • How will it promote your company culture or overall voice?


Who is your copy for?

  • What problem do they have you're trying to solve?

  • What is their general persona?

  • Where do they hang out online?

  • What style or content type best resonates with them?



How should it be promoted?

  • Will it require email promotion?

  • What social channels work best?

  • Does it need to rank on the search engines?

  • How will you measure success?

One piece or ten, we take each piece of copy through this process before we write the first word - or there's no sense in writing the first word.

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We need to talk.

We assume that you have a purpose and goal in mind for content, plus a desire to see immediate results - probably sales. 


That's good...we're a good fit.

  • We don't believe results come to those that wait. 

  • We write copy that expects a direct response from your audience.

  • It will showcase you and your company as the go-to choice for whatever you sell or do.


Let's have an online meeting.  We guarantee it'll end with you feeling a whole lot better about what's to come.

- The Written Sale           

Let's meet online!

Want to see what makes us tick...

It's time to do this!


...and your content so successful? Click on the image!

"Everyone loves you!" - Marketing Company CEO 


"I really like how this is going, Carl." - Insurance Company CEO

"Thanks for taking the time to understand my needs and audience." - Retailer

"Exactly what I wanted...this is good!" - Medical Device Manufacturer 


"Wow this is really nailed it!" - Military Electronic Systems 

"Loved the content!  More will be coming your way soon for upcoming campaigns!" - Transportation Company

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