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Your Plan, Your Goals, Your Flexibility:

The Way Content Marketing Should Be

Some content marketing agencies will bill you for every piece of content you order, then assign it to whichever copywriter is available.  That’s not efficient nor good for results because your value proposition has to constantly be explained to someone new, your brand voice will get lost along the way and your copy will go through several iterations before it’s right.  


Other agencies will offer packages; you’ll get “x” number of blogs, “x” number of social posts and “x” number of emails.  Then if you want case studies or infographics you must buy up to the next package.  You lose control, the packages rarely really fit your needs and they certainly don’t offer flexibility. 


The Better Way to Content

The Written Sale has come up with a way that gives you control, better outcomes and full, end-to-end content creation without nickel and diming you for every step and piece of copy.


Unless they only want one piece, our clients buy “credits”.  Once purchased they are free to order anything at anytime, or simply follow the content strategy and timeline without worrying about recurring billings.  Types of content are assigned credit values that simply get deducted from your account.  

  • Use your credits when and how you want - for blogs, infographics, whitepapers, etc. 

  • Let your content strategy be as fast and flexible as your business with content on demand, without the money conversation.

  • Leverage a long term relationship with your assigned TWS team.  Credits allow us to assign people to your account which in turn creates a consistent voice in your copy.  


Buy Credits - Get Credits!

Your Content Credits at Work

Additional TWS credits will be added to your account immediately upon your deposit.  One credit applied to a project equals one credit deducted from your account.  (Credits expire one full year from date of deposit if not used.  They are not refundable.)

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