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QUESTION: Is More Revenue
Your Goal?
The Fast
Sales Channel
You'll get:
  • The Following 5 Workbooks in the Series -walking you through all of the details with time-saving tips and steps to success.
  • An Online Workshop for Each Workbook -   to review, tweak and offer insights along the way.
  • "Anytime Access" - so you can ask your questions as they come up.
  • 6 Months Post-Luanch Support - to help you optimize your Fast Funnel Sales Channel.
Part 1: Finding Top Contenders, Your Competitive Advantage, KPIs and Budgets
  • Defining Your Top Contenders, Possibilities or Losers

               - How to Know if Your Product or Service Has Reached Market Saturation

               - Why Margins Matter

  • Understanding the Perfect Value Proposition; Gaining the Competitive Advantage

               - It Pays to Be a Spy
               - Using the Iron Triangle
               - Why Am I Doing This?

  • Knowing Your Market – This Isn't What You Think It Is!

  • KPI's and Budgets.

  • Why This System Gets More Sales

  • The Master Flow Chart and Top Contender Checklist

Part 2: Thinking Through Your Fast Funnel Sales Flow and Creating Your Video

  • Developing Your Sales Flow and Hand-Held Steps to the “Buy”

                   - How to Magically Transform the Look of a Sales Process Into a “Must Have” Desire on                        the Part of Clients or Customers

                   - Outlining Your Download, Time Sensitive Offer & Task Oriented Project

  • Movie Script Development

                   - The Absolute Order of Flow and “Chapters”
                   - Writing for Speed and Video Creation
                   - Sticking to a Style
                   - Finding Stock Images and Footage

  • Editing Resources and “How To” Tips

              Creating a Video Can Be Easier Than You Think! 

Part 3: Crafting Your Landing Page and Download

  • Immediately Throw Out Your Style Sheet!

                       - The Psychology of Color

  • Rules You Cannot Break Regarding a Landing Page

                       - Text or Video?
                       - Using Power Words and Flow
                       - Elements and Placement
                       - Your Call to Action
                If your landing page ends up looking like the rest of your website,

                you've done this wrong!

  • Download Development

                       - Using a Stylistic Theme
                       - The Outline and Message
                       - Your “Next Steps” CTA

Part 4: Email Chain Development and Page Hosting

  • Email Number and Timing

                        - Correlation to Your Buying Cycle

  • Messages and Flow

                        - Matching Your Message to Your Intended Accomplishment
                        - Getting From “Helpful” to “Urgent”
                        - Using Countdowns

  • Resources; Capture Boxes and Proper “Sizes”

                        - Simplify Your Vendor's Capture Box
                        - HTML vs. Text Only Emails
                        - Two Ways to Send Your Message

  • Posting Your Pages

                        - Thinking Through the Flow and Delivery

Part 5: Everything You Need to Know About Pay Per Click

  • Traditional PPC

                        - How to Cram So Much in So Little
                        - Power Messages
                        - The Proper Formula for PPC Ads –

                                                                           It's Not Haphazard!
                        - How to Optimize the Use of Keywords
                        - First Tier and Second Tier Vendors

  • Using Social Media Promoted Posts

                        - Which Ones Do You Use?
                        - Sorting Out the Different Calls to Action
                        - Using Image Ads
                        - Finding and Targeting Your Buying Audience
                        - Ask and You Shall Receive!

  • How to Lose a Fortune – And How to Avoid It!

               You don't have to fear PPC costs if you know how to remain in control.

  • Split-Testing

                        - Why This Is So Important - and How to Simplify the Process.

                        - What to look for and how to quickly and critically use analytics.

               The money I save you on PPC alone is worth the cost of this entire series!


The Fast Funnel Sales Channel is: 
  • Quick to implement (requiring only four purposeful pieces of content),
  • Attracts potential customers or clients at the moment they are ready to buy (eliminating the need to worry about SEO rankings and social media dominance), 
  • Provides for the computation of your ROI and KPIs BEFORE your campaign is launched (so you know what to expect in terms of budget and anticipated sales), 
...while delivering qualified prospects who are ready to act.
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