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Replace Stress of the Guess with Success of the Known

GUARANTEED:  96% of your competitors will not get this right.
QUESTION:  So, where will you be if you do?
ANSWER:  Automatically ahead of 96% of your online competition.

The Realization

Many businesses:

  • Write blogs in the hope that those "views" will turn into something more.

  • Craft white papers which end up sitting on the proverbial electronic bookshelf collecting dust.

These, and many other commonly used tactics are elements of content marketing, but they are not a full content marketing strategy.

And so they don't get results which justify continuing the effort.

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What if your
content actually
got people to do something?

What if your content had a higher purpose?

What if your major content (downloads, website or landing page, etc.):

  1. Gave your audience a reason to need you,

  2. An emotional appeal which quickly drew them to your side,

  3. With the motivation to share what you need to know about them,

  4. And they ended up APPLYING to buy from or work with you?

This becomes your secret sauce:  Tell them why they should, show them how they can, and get them to do it now.

Then your minor content (blogs, email, social, etc) supports these efforts and continually drives more traffic to spread your appeal.

The Problem

The Solution

Content marketing is more than just endless content.

To win with content marketing, have a game plan that makes everything come together better, faster and more profitable.


Finding Out About:

  • Your Products & Services

  • The Competition

  • The Market

  • Web/Social Competitiveness

  • Goals for Content

  • Keywords


Let Analytics Tell the Story


​Putting It All Together:

  • Plan

  • Budget

  • Frequency

  • Content Hub & Map

  • Placement

  • Promotion


Bake In Analytics to Guide KPIs



Carefully Watching:

  • Audience Reaction

  • Split Testing

  • Progress Review

  • Promotion Interaction

  • KPIs

  • Budget

Let Analytics Ratchet Up Success

Research  >  Strategy  >  Execution  >  Perfection

Are you ready to be part of the 4% that excel?

The Result

Nothing is more stressful than not having direction and purpose when it comes to efforts versus results.   Nothing is more wasteful than throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks, only to find out nothing did.  
But nothing can stack the cards in your favor more than having a well defined strategy based on good market research with analytics to prove your worth.

Isn't it better to know than to guess when it comes to content marketing?

Pick a time on our calendar - get success, not stress - from your content marketing.

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