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Let me guess...

You've tried all of the common marketing tactics

Blogging, eBooks, SEO and Social Media

and you're getting nowhere fast.

The world is barely noticing, traffic isn't quickly growing and online sales leads aren't pouring in.

I'm going to show you why those tactics can't work for the business or service that is serious about growing -


This is not a sales fact you can't buy anything from this video.  It's sole mission is to present the plain truth about the endless, zero-return nonsense we're told we need to do when setting up an online sales funnel.
Then it goes on to show you how to produce highly qualified, motivated prospects and quick sales.
It is for the company, professional service or consultant with higher ticket competencies, systems, products or services, or those currently with long buying cycles.
"I've been at this copy writing and marketing game for 20 years.  I've worked with companies and businesses in every conceivable industry all around the world.  I've had the opportunity time and time again to test and demonstrate what you're about to see - AND IT FLAT OUT WORKS."



Find Out:
  • Why common marketing tactics will not get to where you want or need to be!
  • How to quickly set up a 4-step FAST FUNNEL SALES CHANNEL for high ticket or complicated services or products!
  • How to develop a budget and know your results BEFORE you implement your sales funnel - and why this is so important!
  • Plus get 8 - and only 8! - email tips to walk you through the workbook.
This isn't just about getting more traffic.  It's about getting that perfect customer or client!
Let me ask you:
  • If everthing everyone has told you to do regarding marketing your business works so well, why isn't everyone who follows the mile-long and ever-changing list of steps they provide selling infinitely more?
    • Because those tactis are mired in legacies which no longer work, but from which experts make millions selling their services when they fail.  To tell you the truth would cut off their oxygen supply.
  • Have any of those "predictors of market dominance" ever been able to tell you what to expect in terms of sales or revenue BEFORE you set up a marketing plan?
    • No, because they can't;​ they deal in abstract generalities - "eyeballs and views" - but not sales.  I'll show you how you can know your sales funnel will work, along with how to set up a budget, expected ROI and key performance milestones, BEFORE you begin.
  • Isn't it time someone who has been in the business for quite a while, and seen and tested it all, showed you the truth?
    • For twenty years I too have kept my eye on the experts (and they actually may be experts in their fields of SEO, social media and content marketing) but they don't create sales.  At one point I even followed their advice multiple times just to split-test results - and the results stunk compared to what you'll see in the video.  I'm sick of watching others chase silver bullets that pollute our minds and budgets when I know there is a sales funnel that is quick to implement, delivers predictable, measurable results and quick sales.​
If you're tired of zero or near-zero results and want a better, easier way to market your products or services - watch the video.
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