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3 Things Ensure Content Marketing Success

There are 3 things that make good copy and successful content campaigns, of which I'm a stickler on maintaining:

RESEARCH - I dive deep into your competition, your buyer and your products or services. Because of that you don’t have to worry about whether I've written for your micro-niche. Research let’s me position you in a better light than your competition and build personas that fit your audience while learning what makes your company unique and inviting. This is the basis for your copy, content map and content marketing strategy. You'll have a winning strategy and stellar copy.

FRESHNESS – Ask yourself a question: “If your current marketing and sales strategy was working, why would you need to change it – or why would you even need a copywriter?”

The first thing you might notice is that my copy may not sound like what you’re used to writing or hearing. That’s because I’ve done the research and know what your audience is looking for and their tolerance for industry jargon. With multiple decision makers looking at your solution you have to write for all the eyes in a way they appreciate and understand. I take you out of your world and put you in your audience’s world.

Another thing to keep in mind: In these days of curated content your copy has to go beyond the common entries found on the first page of Google or you won't be a thought leader, influencer or even remembered. All copywriters should occasionally pay attention to curated content because it spots trends in what your audience is thinking or doing. But copy can’t settle for kindergarten regurgitation. It’s telling the story behind the trend or giving useful ideas on how to act on trending awareness that gives you influence in a sea of same-o. Curated content may even give reason to buck the trend, if appropriate. I write thought...not fluff, and that makes you the low hanging fruit in the minds of your buyers.

BENEFITS - Influential sales copy needs to emphasize the benefits of using your products or services, not the features. While features tell your audience what they’re getting, emphasizing benefits creates a mental connection and provides mental confidence in the minds of your buyers to make a purchase. Basing copy on features only gives your audience ammunition to comparison shop. The benefits of working with you or purchasing your product that I write about will be your competitive differentiator. They’ll signal to buyers, “This is what I need.”

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