Take Marketing Out of the Box

Almost any business runs the risk of developing “boxes”; departments and people who rightfully become experts in their own duties.

  • Sales handles the sales box.

  • Services or products are developed in another box.

  • Even customer service has its own box.


But, either because of self-preservation or a for a lack of opportunity to cross barriers, boxed people tend to keep what they know to themselves.  Many times that is to the detriment of the business. Here’s an insane case in point:

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When a large American conglomerate decided to create its own brand of electric toothbrush, engineers were baffled.  They could not figure out how to build a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that was small enough to fit in a handle of the toothbrush - one that automatically recharged when the device was put away in a docking station.


It turns out they didn’t have to.  After countless delays and a mountain of money spent on the dilemma, someone in the “development box” finally got wind that their parent company happened to own a battery company where the expertise had already been developed.  As soon as the two “boxes” got together the problem was solved.


 There’s a lot we can learn outside our individual box that can make our own box better.  

When we can share, cross-think and work as a team results come more quickly and are more satisfying.  Nowhere is this more readily seen than in Marketing and Sales.


The Marketing Partnership That Always Should Be

Many marketing campaigns are created in a box - a vacuum - with no input from those on the streets of B2B; i.e. Sales.

But let’s remember how the two go hand in hand.


  • Marketing is the precursor to sales.  It is the written or online introduction of your product’s or service’s value to your target audience.  


  • Sales, therefore, is “the closer”.  If Marketing has done its job the path should be paved for Sales to go in and close the deal with a lot less effort.


Shouldn’t the two work together?  

The most successful  marketing campaigns happen when…

...Marketing comes out of its box and talks to Sales.  Independent of whether you have a one person in-house marketer and an owner doing the sales, a hired marketing firm and field sales reps, or a full marketing department and large sales team, the two sides should be talking, listening and working together.

  • What are some of the objections Sales runs into all of the time?  

  • What is the ideal definition of a sales lead?

  • What sort of material support can Marketing give Sales?

  • What sort of helpful feedback can Sales give Marketing that would bolster both of their efforts?

Marketing can learn from anyone who has contact with the outside world; sales, customer service, support or even the secretary at the front desk.


In the end, if marketing can get out of its box, all shall work as one.

"May your box be open and your visitors many."

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