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I'm Glad You're Here!

That means you're serious about setting up a sales funnel and marketing campaign that works and that we're about to have a phone call together!  The first step is ultra-important in determining the success of your campaign and your sales: Finding your Top Contender, its value proposition and knowing your audience.

Don't take this lightly!  Just because you may be intimately knowledgable about your product or service:

  • Do the steps outlined in the Fast Funnel Workbook as if you knew nothing about what you provide.  Going in with an open mind allows you to discover new messages and audience knowledge.

  • Think - really think - about your value proposition and the Iron Triangle.  You would not believe how many of your competitors will sound alike while not being able to give your audience a reason to choose them over you.  If you can do this correctly you've already won over many new sales.

  • Really dig into what makes your audience "tick" when it comes to understanding their needs, pain and how your solution is their perfect solution.  Think like them, not like you.


  • Click on the image to download a copy of your Top Contender Checklist.  Run off copies and use them to find your Top Contender. Save them for working on future campaigns for products or services that fall on your "Possiblities" list.

  • Come back to this page when you have completed gathering the information for your Top Contender and use the form below to send me your answers before our call.  

Please try to do this one day before our call so I will have time to review your answers in preparation for our time together.

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