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Lead Generation and Content Marketing:

For the business that wants more.

Scroll down.  This is different, and your day just got infinitely better.


It's about your needs - your ROI - and how to best get you to where you want to be.

What is the one thing a B2B or professional service needs to be successful?


Sales Leads. 

Our B2B and professional service lead generation cuts through the complication, excuses and unnecessary expense to deliver what you need - exclusive, qualified sales leads.

  • It will be up and running in 30 days or less,

  • With a custom strategy specific to the product or service you offer,

  • And will be continually tested and optimized to return the best ROI possible -

- at a price you don't have to think twice about.​

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  • Get your products or services in front of your audience at the exact moment they're looking for a solution,

  • Present your value like it's never been told before,

  • And give your prospects a reason to act now.

We stand behind what our lead generation service can bring to your table - The Written Sale.

OUR MISSION:  Through smart and effective marketing to help you realize your definition of "more" - whether that be more leads, more sales, putting more people to work, or more for the greater good of your community.


The art of using words in getting your audience to act.

What defines professional copy writing and, in particular, content marketing?

It's a lot more than mere words on a page.

  • It's being able to develop a strategy based on your goals that guides what you need,

  • Writing actionable copy that naturally leads your audience to do what you want them to do, and...

  • Being able to write for enhanced readership flow while introducing the psychology of copy to expect and achieve your definition of results.

Marketing's job is to bring your audience to you.  Content's job is to inform and compel them to act...period.  Put the two together with the elements above and you'll get the results you want - and what you want is what we deliver.  Talk to us.

OUR PASSION: To deliver what our name says:

The Written Sale.

For over twenty years we've worked with every imaginable business in every industry, from tabletop enterprises to the Fortune 1000, around the globe.

Now it's your turn.

But before we begin, proper execution starts with a well-developed strategy.

Let us develop a lead generation strategy for your business.  No obligation -

  • First, to get the details about your business and your goals, and

  • Secondly, to present a defined plan.

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